Electrical Engineering:

When ever eclectic power required we serve Basic & Detail Engineering related to electrical power Generation, Supply & Distribution according to IEC,IEEE, Indian Standard and other relevant standard. It include study of client requirement ,appropriate deign work ,material supply, installation & testing work. Base of work will be as per Local or international standard. Aim to provide optimum martial solution with best quality & reliability with minimum commercial effect.

Electrical Power System:

The electric power system Consist network of  electrical components deployed to supply, transfer, and use electric power. Power quality measurement done for check supply parameter compare with Standard limits of IEC , IEEE .We provide Power system trouble shooting, Harmonics analysis & Mitigation system. Earthing health Easements for HT/LT Supply ,PF & Voltage Control, Relay coordination for LT/HT Systems, Protection system coordination, Power Load flow Analysis. We provide measurement, analysis & Mitigation system.

PV-Solar System & Renewable sources:

Expertise  team of more than 7 year in field with installation up to 40 MWp in various place & Type. We deal in Solar system –  EPC– Engineering Procurement Construction of Roof –Top Solar system ( On Grid / Off Grid )-Domestic & Industrial ,Gird connected power plants ,Installation of Power Projects  (PPA ), Feasibility study & DPR preparation for Loan & legal Purpose .we also provide Old system evolution & Retrofit. Firm has provision of Small scale wind mill & Biogas based system.

Energy Management System:

“Energy Can not be Generated or Can not be destroy “ : Energy comes at some cost this cost will be add in to final production cost. Saving energy saves money reduce production cost. We Provide Energy audit service  include Measurement of energy flow for electrical energy, thermal energy , mechanical energy. provide Study & solution of energy consumption based on standard practice and specific conniption method. We supply EMS-System deign & installation for better control & data history of energy consumption. Also Custom-made energy saving option for individual system.

Heating & Cooling Solution:

Heating & Cooling Solutions specialists in all aspects of industrial, domestic heating, cooling, HVAC –System design & System performance Easements, Solar Based Heating & Cooling system for energy saving in Agro & food package industries, renewable Solar system for cold storage, Heating system performance Easements.

Engineering Annual Maintenance Contract:

HITI Energy Provide AMC for health check up for Solar System-( On Grid / Off Grid ),Electrical Power System ( PCC/MCC ),Power System, EMS ,HVAC & other system. It included Periodic visits & measurement. In case of break down quick response will be provide. One roof solution for healthy system operation.