Performance Analysis of  Electrical equipment & system:

HITI Energy Provide service for electrical system performance analysis include Motor , Generator, CT, PT, Transformer , Protection device , Making Breaking Device , Lighting device , Electronics device measure input supply , output power , energy usage, compare with standard & Manufacture specification. Evaluate performance & provide solution for better operation & long life with reliability .

Electrical System Health Assessment:

Electrical System  include Supply , transmission , distribution & Load. Its contain Cable, Conductor, earthing ,Lightening , Natural grounding, protection system ( relay MCB ) other live parts. In System Health Assessment  Easement of system parameter , visible check of system, comparison of system specification with measure parameter evaluate the actual condition of system.

Onsite Engineering Assistance:

Any on going projects, Exacting Projects, Process system , Generation plant we provide  Engineering Assistance  at site. Professionals from expert filed will be assist operation of process and guide the team of executor. We also provide execution support.

PV System Performance Analysis :

PV System